Provision of Moulded Silicones

Moulded silicone is used in podiatry to fabricate customised digital devices. These can be protective and used to prevent abnormal pressure loadings on the ends of the toes or the joints of the toes. They are excellent at reducing the incidence of ulceration in diabetics and other patients with reduced circulation.

Provision of Moulded Silicones

Moulded silicones can be used to improve toe clawing in children. They are usually fabricated to prop up the middle three toes. They can also be used between the toes, usually the first or second and occasionally in conjunction with orthoses.

These silicones are hygienic, can be washed regularly and are durable. After consultation with your podiatrist he will first mix the silicone with a catalyst before moulding it to the toe or toes. Before the silicone is fully set the foot would be placed in a weight-bearing position, sometimes on an orthoses if applicable.

You will be able to wear your moulded silicone after twenty-four hours, this will ensure that the silicone putty has fully hardened and will not become misshapen when worn. It is advisable to wear the silicone in gradually so that you have time to get used to the device and to ensure that there is no likelihood of blister formation.

Provision of Moulded Silicones

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