Shoe Advice

Inappropriate footwear is responsible for a large number of foot problems. The podiatrists at The Malvern Surgeries will discuss any aspect of footwear during your consultation, particularly if in their opinion it is associated or responsible for your presenting symptoms.

Shoe Advice

The area of shoe advice can cover the type of footwear that is suitable for a particular occupation or activity.

Advice may often include heel height, particularly for the ladies. Those with chronic back problems will certainly find, in the majority of cases, a heel height of about one inch, rather than a flat shoe, will be advantageous in reducing general symptoms.

Shoe Fitting Service

Foot measurement is also extremely important and it must be remembered that shoe sizes are only a guide and can vary from style to style.

Trainers should be fitted using a correct foot gauge and should take into account the heel to ball measurement as well as the heel to the longest toe measurement. Here at The Malvern Surgeries we tend to check trainer size using a US foot gauge as the majority of trainers are manufactured in the United States.

Other useful factors to consider, dependent on foot type and presenting symptoms, are thickness of sole, softness of the uppers, non-slip soles etc. People that have mild discomfort from their first toe joints usually find a thicker soled shoe helpful.

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