Shoe Screening

The Malvern Podiatry Surgery provides a screening service for patients requiring shoe advice.

The podiatrist will advise you on the type of footwear best suited for your feet. He will take into account any foot symptoms you may have and advise on the shoe upper, the length and width of the shoes, the thickness of the sole and heel height.

Shoe Screening

He will measure your feet and check that you have the correct size of shoe. It is important to note that size is only a guide and will vary with style of shoe.

When measuring feet for trainers the podiatrist uses a US measure and takes into account the length from heel to the longest toe as well as the length from the heel to the ball of the foot. If the heel to ball measurement is not taken into account, the trainer may not bend in line with the toe joints as it should, increasing fatigue.

The Malvern Podiatry Surgery has an arrangement with Malvern St James Sports and Fitness Centre, who stock an excellent range of Asics footwear. The podiatrist will provide you with written information regarding your correct trainer size and suggest a type of trainer for your foot type.

Foot Measuring

The Cosyfeet range is excellent for difficult-shaped feet and elderly feet and are stocked by Murrays Pharmacy in Malvern Link.

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